Associate Professor at Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Telecom Paris, from Sept. 2022

Postdoc at Institut Polytechnique de Paris, CREST-ENSAE, 2021-2022
– Research topic: Data privacy
– Advisor: Prof. Cristina Butucea

Ph.D in Mathematical Statistics and Learning at Paris-Saclay University, Institut de Mathématiques d’Orsay, 2018 -2020
   – Dissertation : Inference on random networks
   – Advisors : Prof. Christophe Giraud and Nicolas Verzelen

M.S. in Probability and Statistics at Paris-Saclay University, Institut de Mathématiques d’Orsay, 2017

Engineering degree at Ecole Polytechnique, 2016


  • Pair Matching: Links Prediction with Adaptive Queries. with C. Giraud, L. Lehéricy and M. Lerasle. [pdf] (58p)
  • Statistical Seriation in Non-parametric Latent Space Models: an efficient and optimal algorithm. working paper. [pdf] (38p)
  • Localization in 1D non-parametric latent space models from pairwise affinities. with C. Giraud and N. Verzelen. in revision for Electronic Journal of Statistics (2022), [pdf] (65p) 
  • Locally differentially private estimation of nonlinear functionals of discrete distributions. with C. Butucea.  published in NeurIPS (2021), [pdf] (31p),
  • On the estimation of network complexity: Dimension of Graphonspublished in Journal of Machine Learning Research (2021), [pdf] (63p)
  • Inference on random networks. PhD manuscript. [HAL] 

Research Interests

  • Mathematical Statistics and Learning

    especially random networks, latent position models, link prediction, sequential learning, bandits, data privacy, generative adversarial network